Honesty is the best Policy

Honesty is the best Policy

Honesty is the best Policy: Caliph Umar Farooq (RA.) used to travel around the state late at night with his attendant Aslam to know the safety, happiness, sorrow, etc., of the subjects. One night, Caliph and his attendant Aslam divided into two sides and started walking around the different alleys of the city. Caliphs were wandering through different lanes when he suddenly heard the voice of an old woman in a cottage and stopped. An old woman lived with her daughter in that cottage.

The old woman says, how many days will you continue to suffer like this? Goat’s milk is not like before, the milk is drying up. Since yesterday, it seems that if you don’t add water to the milk, the family will not run. The girl didn’t sleep that night. When he hears his mother’s words, will the family run by mixing water with milk? Allah is the owner of the household. Then the Caliphs issued a strict law, the water that is mixed with milk, his hand will be cut off. Didn’t you hear, mother?

Mother said, what do we do when the Caliphs can see? The girl said – you told him that God knows everything we do, everything we think; Do not look at Caliphs, who is everywhere at all times; Allah will see him. How will you dodge his eyes, mother? How will you escape from his punishment?  The mother did not say anything after hearing about her daughter.

The Caliphs were impressed by the little girl’s superficial knowledge of God and fear and faith in Him. Instead of being displeased with his mother’s words, he felt pain thinking about their sufferings. Thinking about various things, the Caliphs came slowly from there. On the way, his companion told Aslam he would appear in their court tomorrow morning. 

As ordered, Aslam went to the mother and the girl the following day and said, Caliphs, has called you to court. Mother and daughter got scared. They started thinking about various ideas, and finally, the girl said that when mother Caliphs called us, we had to go. Trust in Allah. What the Lord has written on our foreheads will be the mother. Saying this, they left with Aslam.

They could not imagine that the Caliph had heard them all night, so they could not understand why the Caliph called them to the court. The Caliphs listened attentively to the old woman about their family and their ups and downs. He comes to know that the girl is unmarried. He said to the old widow, why are you so worried about the family?

The Caliph proved that Honesty is the best policy.

Everyone kept their heads down. Caliphs Hazrat Umar (RA.) said again, do you not have the courage to accept the girl Ameerul Muminin is recommending to you today because of her virtue? After hearing this, a young man stood up and said, I am ready. Caliphs asked why you accepted to marry this destitute girl in what hope? The young man replied, “Man’s greatness never depends on marital status.” He who is honest is high and dear to Allah.

This excellent teaching of Islam inspired me to do this marriage. This young man was the son of Ameerul Muminin, Caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA). Hearing his reply, the father’s heart was filled with pride. The courtiers and all were ashamed of their weaknesses. The Caliph sacrificed himself with his son. The Caliph proved that Honesty is the Best Policy by marrying the girl to his son. Everyone present learned from this incident.

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