GSA Admission 2023

GSA Admission 2024 right now has published the GSA Admission 2024. All Government Schools in Bangladesh include here. The eligible candidates have to apply Online for admission. Class 1 to Class 9 needs to apply for admission through the website. There will be no admission test. Like last time, students will be admitted through the integrated lottery in all the schools.

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GSA Admission 2023

Online Application Starting Date GSA Admission 2024

Online admission applications to government schools will start on 16 November 2022 and continue till 6 December 2022. The lottery Results will be published on 10 December 2022. Online application fee is 110 takas.

Age limit GSA Admission 2024

The age limit for class one is 6+
The age limit for class two is 7+
The age limit for class three is 8+
The age limit for class four is 9+
The age limit for class five is 10+
The age limit for class six is 11+
The age limit for class seven is 12+
The age limit for class eight is 13+
The age limit for class nine is 14+

GSA Admission circular 2024

Govt School Admission Circular 2024 will be published soon you can get the circular In the academic year 2023, all government secondary schools in metropolitan cities, divisional cities and district headquarters will have to accept admission applications and application fees and process and publish the results online. The government secondary schools located in the Upazila headquarters will complete the admission process through the central online system. However, if it is not possible to complete this activity due to any reason beyond the control, it can be done manually only by the decision of the concerned committee in the case of Upazila.

GSA Admission 2024

How to Apply Govt School Admission 2024

Govt School Admission 2024 for online admission applications you can apply as per the rules given below. Example GSA Admission 2024:

Select DivisionRangpur
Select your District NameDinajpur
Select Thana/Upzila NameDinajpur Sadar
Choose Shift1st Shift/2nd Shift/Both Shift
Choice School VersionBangla
Choose ClassThree
Choose GenderMale

Then you will get the online admission application form. Fill the application very carefully. Below is a sample of the online form :

Government School Admission (GSA) 2024 Student Application Information

Father’s NameMD. SOMIR UDDIN
Date of Birth2012-12-28
Contact Mobile01710000000
Admission ClassThree
Present Address:Thana/Upazila: DINAJPUR SADAR
District: DINAJPUR
Division: RANGPUR
Permanent Address:Thana/Upazila: DINAJPUR SADAR
District: DINAJPUR
Division: RANGPUR
Selected Quota

How to Pay Application Fee GSA Admission 2024

To Pay Admission Test Fees by Teletalk follow the instruction below

General Instructions:
Your application will not be confirmed unless you make payment.
You can not download admit card unless you make a payment.

  • You can make payment from a Teletalk Prepaid Mobile number.
  • You should pay the application fee immediately after submission of the web application
  • Following Text Messages must be sent from the Teletalk Mobile Number that will be used for payment.
  • First SMS: GSA HENWXMBK send to 16222.
  • In reply SMS you will see the applicant’s Name along with a PIN number. Use the PIN to confirm your payment in the second SMS.
  • Second SMS: GSA Yes send to 16222.

Publication of results through lottery GSA Admission 2024

In all the public/private secondary schools which have primary sections, the admission process from 1st class to 9th class should be done through the lottery in the same manner. At the beginning of the academic year, no examination will be accepted for the admission of students from class 1 to class 9.

According to the decision of the admission committee, the heads of the institutes will publish the admission notice mentioning the number of vacant seats in their respective institutes. Apart from this, the admission committee will take mass publicity by publishing notices in national/local newspapers/websites etc.

Division of schools into clusters: The admission committee can divide the schools into different clusters considering the location of the schools, and the advantages and disadvantages of the students. Students can give their preference for admission to a maximum of 05 schools in the same application per cluster.

Government School Admission (GSA) is a critical process that plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of a nation. It refers to the procedure through which students are enrolled in public or government-run schools. These schools are typically funded and managed by the government at various levels, such as federal, state, or local authorities, and they aim to provide quality education to a wide cross-section of the population.

Key features and aspects of Government School Admission (GSA) include:

Accessibility: Government schools are designed to be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background, ensuring that education is a fundamental right for every child. GSA strives to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

Formal Education: GSA primarily caters to primary and secondary education levels, although some countries may include pre-primary or higher education institutions under its purview. It is the foundational stage of a student’s academic journey.

Admission Criteria: The criteria for admission into government schools vary by region and country but often include factors like age, residence, and sometimes academic performance. In some cases, there may be additional criteria based on special programs, such as gifted education or specialized tracks.

Application Process: GSA typically involves a structured application process that requires parents or guardians to submit necessary documents, such as birth certificates, proof of residence, and immunization records, along with completing an application form. This process ensures transparency and accountability in enrollment.

Lottery System: In regions with high demand for government school admissions, a lottery system may be used to allocate available seats fairly among applicants. This system is designed to prevent favoritism and promote fairness.

Public Funding: Government schools are funded by taxpayer money, which covers the cost of teachers’ salaries, facilities, educational materials, and other resources. GSA ensures that public resources are allocated efficiently and effectively.

Diverse Curriculum: Government schools often follow a standardized curriculum established by educational authorities, ensuring a consistent quality of education. These curricula are designed to meet national or regional educational standards.

Teachers: Qualified and trained teachers are a cornerstone of government schools. GSA ensures that these institutions hire educators who meet the necessary qualifications and standards.

Inclusivity: Government schools typically welcome students from various cultural, socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds. They play a vital role in fostering social cohesion and promoting diversity within society.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Governments often implement mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the performance of government schools, including student achievement, teacher quality, and infrastructure maintenance. This helps ensure that schools maintain high standards of education.

Government School Admission (GSA) is a fundamental aspect of the education system that embodies the principles of universal access to education, equity, and social progress. It is a mechanism through which governments strive to provide quality education to all children, thereby contributing to the development and well-being of their citizens and the nation as a whole.

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